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Verse - Dm, Bb, F, A

Chorus & Bridge - Dm, F, Bb, A7





You had those cautious eyes, you couldn’t love this time

Weary cause you had to learn to be

Hunched over in those clothes, all covered in burn holes

That once your mother bought you from JD

But now like them your worn out, too long have you been put down

Like your friends you suffer silently

No job is worth holding down, get more from shotting in town, 

At least then you can get your kicks for free




I see you’ve had enough 

Why do you feel this, why cant I heal it

You need something called love

To know you’re feeling, to give you meaning




You’ve never been assured, that you could do much more

So you sit and question why this has to be

Indulging in your thoughts, seething cause you were taught 

That you cant trust anyone with authority

Spend your days floating around, chatting to more of the same crowd

But none of them care to find out your dreams

Your numbers in their phones, but the name to match is unknown 

Just like your place in our society





Cause these are the things you do

This is your safety tool

I’ve got your back, i’ll see it through

This is a false belonging

But it aint worse than running, no




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