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Imagine a recipe for the most special cake… but that cake is a musician. In the bowl you mix the ingredients, you bake it well, and then make it look pretty. With a mix of her most noticeable ingredients, Nuala serves powerful & dynamic vocals, masterful lyrics and the most tastefully-catchy melodies. 

Unbound by genre, Nuala stirs elements of Indie-POP, Reggae, and Soul into the mix. Looking up to artists like Bob Marley, Lily Allen, Eminem, Nirvana, and equally influenced by the human experience, her music is an eclectic body of work that is honest, raw, and speaks to a diverse group of fans.

On stage, Nuala comes alive and her authenticity is exuberant! Every set is a memorable one, if not because of her passion & talent, then by being completely and obnoxiously herself. She can have you in tears in one moment and in tears of laughter the next! Her voice demands your attention; her melodies, your interest; her lyrics, your heart; and, you give them willingly. 
This is that recipe, Nuala is the special cake, each song a slice you wish would never end, and everything else the cherry on top.

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